Safety, Health and Environment Stewardship: Our First Priority

Operating safely to protect our employees from workplace injuries and illnesses, to safeguard the communities adjacent to our facilities and to preserve the natural environment for now and future generations is a priority at Cytec Solvay Group. We remain a vigilant leader and set the pace in procedures, programs, and most importantly, performance relating to safety, health and the environment. 

Cytec Solvay Group's operational excellence programs embrace the elements of our sustainability strategy and our continuous improvement culture. The use of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma® and the Workout Process assure we are operating efficiently and effectively. Our programs are designed to limit our environmental impacts, such as Unplanned Hazardous Releases Greater Than 25 Pounds and Serious Process Safety Incidents. Investments in our manufacturing facilities make us well-positioned to meet the requirements of today and the demands of the future.

Global Certifications 
Cytec Solvay Group operates an externally certified, ISO-based, global safety, health and environment management system at our manufacturing and R&D facilities, which includes RC14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements. RC14001 is an environmental, health and safety management system standard developed by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) that combines ACC's Responsible Care® initiative with ISO 14001. Our management system also includes the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series or OHSAS18001 certification covering occupational health and safety.


Cytec Solvay Group is committed to security at all of our locations. As part of our safety, health and environment management system, we focus on protecting people, property, products, processes, information and information systems through enhanced security. Cytec Solvay Group's security efforts are focused at our facilities and throughout the value chain.

Performance Goals And Metrics

In 2014, we continued to see progress toward achieving our goal of a Zero-Injury and Incident-Free Workplace. Cytec Solvay Group’s Recordable Injury Frequency Rate reflected a historically low rate in our Specialty Chemicals and Aerospace Materials businesses. We remain focused on continuous improvement in areas including injury/illness prevention and unplanned hazardous spill reductions.  We expect to make significant improvements in all areas to meet our business-specific and company-wide targets.  At Cytec Solvay Group, we remain dedicated to the safety and health of our employees and stakeholders, and to the protection of the environment.