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Solvay is the leading global supplier of UV stabilizers to the automotive industry. We offer a range of products for interior and exterior car parts that help maintain appearance and physical properties of automotive plastics and coatings.

 Automotive Plastics

Solvay's automotive plastics product portfolio includes:

  • CYASORB® CYXTRA™ V9900 stabilizer: exhibits high UV stabilizing performance and lower “cost-to-stabilize” benefits for automotive interior and exterior TPO/PP car parts. Enables TPOs and reinforced plastics to meet government mandates for increased fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. Meets worldwide automotive UV weathering specifications and surpasses key automotive requirements, such as low VOC emissions, low fogging, low odor and no interference with paint adhesion. 
  • CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® V703 stabilizer: designed to meet the most demanding automotive specifications. Delivers exceptional UV durability in interior and exterior applications even with extended UV exposure. Affords superior maintenance of color, gloss and physical properties. V703 is non-blooming, paintable and meets in-cabin requirements for low VOC/fogging.
  • CYASORB® UV-3808PP5 light stabilizer: enhanced option for interior and exterior applications, providing color and gloss protection and weathering resistance.
  • CYASORB® UV-3853 Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) chemistry, for general use in automotive applications.
  • CYANOX® 2777 antioxidant: excellent processing and thermal stability; discoloration resistant for all polyolefin applications. 

 Automotive Coatings

Solvay's automotive coatings applications product portfolio includes:

  • CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® L143-50X stabilizer: low viscosity, single product stabilization solution for excellent OEM and refinish coating protection.
  • CYASTAT® antistatic agents: versatile antistatics for coatings applications.

For more information on the automotive applications product portfolio, please contact us.