Wrexham, UK

Established in 1982, the site is the main location of the Cytec Aerospace Materials European technical department and the Aerospace Materials’ European customer service. Highlights of the site’s history include:

The site was originally owned by a joint venture between Fothergill and Harvey and Cyanamid, which was formed in November 1981 as Cyanamid Fothergill.

  • In 1987, American Cyanamid took sole ownership, and the site’s name was changed to Cyanamid Aerospace Products.
  • In 1993, American Cyanamid spun-off its chemical divisions to Cytec Industries, and the site became Cytec Aerospace Products.
  • In 2005, the R&D group set up a dedicated development building including composite pilot lines and laboratories.
  • In 2013, the new technical center opened. The center includes office and meeting spaces for the R&D, Tech Service and Sales departments.