Innovative product development and introductions are vital to our sustained growth and to the growth and success of the markets and customers we serve. We are intrigued by exploring opportunities that span across business, market and technology boundaries. Our uncanny ability to listen, understand and interpret customer needs is what distinguishes Cytec from other organizations. And that is just the beginning. For enabling innovation to occur, creativity must be balanced with careful project selection, risk assessment, critical review and thoughtful execution. Cytec promotes an enterprise-wide culture of innovation and recognizes a wide range of new ideas and the people that envision and deliver them. Increasingly, our innovation initiatives are fostering internal behaviors that transform knowledge into value for both our partners and our shareholders.

With innovation at its core, Cytec Industries is a global leader in the development of enabling products, scientific knowledge, and technical expertise within a wide range of applications, from mining chemicals to solutions for unique additive technologies to extend and strengthen applications to advanced composites and adhesives for aerospace and industrial applications. The key to delivering “heightened and accelerated" innovation is ingenuity. This is the focus of our endeavors as we look to leverage our existing competencies in adjacent markets and to develop technologies that move past potential to possibility.