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Tooling Portfolio

Through a combination of tool design, build expertise and ongoing innovation in materials and process technologies, Cytec offers a unique comprehensive approach to composite tooling solutions. Cytec focuses on developing new material and tooling technologies that meet future demands. This vision is realized through our ability to engage at the highest level in collaborative research and development programmes with government, academia and industry bodies, pushing the boundaries in function, cost-effectiveness, durability and robust processing.

Our tooling portfolio includes:

    • Tooling prepregs offering high dimensional stability (that do not expand or contract with temperature changes) suitable for use in all market sectors. These include:
    • Full range of tooling ancillaries, including tooling block, tooling core, backing structures and sealing systems
    • Tooling hardware manufacture, including heated tools, Carbovar/Nanovate NV™ surfaced composite tooling technology and reusable silicone tools

Cytec's tooling portfolio was developed to meet the Industrial markets' requirements:

  • Low temperature initial cures enabling our customers to use low cost master models and removes the need for intermediate tooling
  • Vacuum-only (Out of Autoclave) cure formulations being invaluable for marine, wind energy, and large tools where an autoclave would not be viable
  • DForm® technology making laminating easier and quicker