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Vacuum Bagging Consumables

We offer a comprehensive range of products to the aerospace and industrial markets:

Vacuum bagging film
Cytec offers a comprehensive range of in-house manufactured products, as well as a research and development capability which can be focused on unique customer solutions, whether that's product features such as humidity resistance or tailored formatting to reduce labor costs.

Breather fabric
A unique offering of non-woven breather fabrics ranging from 85g/m2 lightweight material to specially formulated low cost, high performance products. Breather fabric can be supplied in standard roll formats, slit widths, cut shapes or 3D stitched formats tailored to meet your requirements. Various weights are available.

Flow media
We offer a variety of knitted and cast diamond infusion mesh to suit both single curvature and complex tooling geometry.

Combination products
Custom-made product combinations can be manufactured to suit almost any need. They offer significant time reductions in both consumable lay-up and post-cure consumable extraction, while concurrently reducing material inventory and simplifying the ordering process.

Release film
Cytec's release film products are specially formulated to suit a variety of individual composite process applications. Our in-house perforation capability allows us to tightly control a variety of perforations including traditional pin-prick, hot needle and punched, in a comprehensive range of patterns. Release film can also be slit to width, cut to shape and welded into complex 3D shapes.

Peel ply
Cytec's peel ply products are available in multiple materials and formats to offer flexibility in options and to match application requirements. Light to heavyweight woven fabrics are available in both nylon and polyester, and some are also available with adhesive backing in order to simplify the consumable application process. Peel ply is available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape formats.

Release fabric
Systems vary in resin and cure temperature requirements. To satisfy specific application requirements, Cytec offers light to heavyweight woven fabrics in nylon, glass and polyester, with silicone, fluorocarbon and PTFE coatings. Release fabric is available in standard formats, slit widths and cut to shape.

Sealant tape
Cytec offers a comprehensive range of sealant tapes that have been tried and tested in many different and challenging manufacturing environments. Our tapes have been specially formulated to suit a range of cure temperatures, from ambient cures to high temperature thermoplastic cures of 400°C to meet your requirements. Various weights are available.

Adhesive tape
Cytec's specially formulated high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are designed for a range of applications such as the removal of resin flash, localized release and positioning of consumable material. Our tapes are available in polyester, nylon, PTFE and polyimide.

Self-adhesive tool release
Self-adhesive PTFE based tool release materials are available in either unsupported or glass reinforced, as well as with silicone and acrylic adhesive. They are also available in premium grades. These semi-permanent tool release products save time by eliminating the need to reapply chemical release agents following every cure. In some situations these materials can also solve tool porosity issues and prolong tool life.

Rubber, silicone and fluoroelastomer
Our extensive range of natural rubber, silicone and fluoroelastomer materials, with excellent resin compatibility, high elongation and good tear strength characteristics, can be used in the construction of custom-made reusable vacuum bags (RVB), specialist B-surface caul plates, intensifiers or pressure pads. These materials are available in sheet form for independent fabrication. Alternatively, we offer a complete in-house RVB manufacturing service. Also available are a range of silicone profiles and molded pieces for Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Resin Transfer Injection (RTI), liquid resin infusion and all vacuum bonding/laminating applications.

Tapes and sprays
Double-sided tapes and adhesive sprays used to secure dry fabrics and core materials during the infusion layup.

Fittings and hoses
A range of fittings and hoses are available to meet all workshop, oven and autoclave vacuum requirements. Vacuum hoses are constructed on site with different color options, materials, use temperatures and termination connectors. Vacuum breach units, plug and socket couplings, gauges manifolds and other ancillaries are also available.

Infusion products
Cytec's infusion products are specially designed to transport the liquid resin from the barrel into the sealed system. They are utilized to help distribute the resin uniformly underneath the vacuum bag and restrict the resin flow. With the aid of our infusion products, vacuum hoses and pumps are protected and volume is controlled as the resin is pulled into the part. Our products offer both reusable and disposable methods of resin distribution. Cytec's infusion products range from low cost disposable plastic inlet ports and T-piece connectors to specialist flow meshes, breather membranes, reusable resin channels and advanced formulated spray adhesives. Our products are available to view through our Selector Guide. This database of products allows customers to search for products on end use application, material type and performance characteristics.