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Pre-configured Process Material Kits

Cytec creates tailor-made process material consumable kit sets that dramatically reduce the total cost of manufacture for our customers (Kitted consumables have been shown to reduce both the labor cost and the total time for production by more than 50%). Our capability ranges from simply following the customer's exact specifications to managing the entire process, including mapping the tool geometry to manufacture and supply a customized consumable kit set.

Purchasing your consumable materials in kit form decreases material waste by an average of 40%, therefore lowering costs. Operator motion is reduced due to assembly-line stock and storage, and the margin for error is also reduced as the vacuum bagging process becomes de-skilled with kits. Other benefits include increased productivity, standardized working conditions leading to better quality laminates, and health and safety benefits from reduced materials handling. Cytec process materials offers three levels of kit:

  • Basic kits – material slit to defined widths, most suited to simple, high volume, or large shapes.
  • Intermediate kits – packs of cut shapes grouped together and stored by product group.
  • Full kits – 3D shaped combination products and all the parts for a particular composite structure.

For more information on our Kitting services, please contact us directly.