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Phosphonium Salts & Ionic Liquids

Phosphonium salts and ionic liquids are prepared by direct quaternization of a tertiary alkylphosphine with a chloride, bromide or iodide, or in many cases with reactive esters such as alkylsulfonates, sulfates or phosphates.

The CYPHOS® product family is useful in applications that:

  • Demand a large temperature operating window
  • Are miscible with non-polar media
  • Have harsh process conditions and reagents

The attributes of these materials include:

  • Three-dimensional structure
  • High thermal stability
  • Chemical inertness

Examples of applications include phase transfer catalysts (PTCs), resin catalysts, biocides, lubricants, electrolytes, solvent reagents, fluid separation and absorption, and novel solvents. The longer-chain alkylphosphines are also used to exfoliate clays to render them compatible with polymers and monomers.