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Cylinderized Phosphine Gas

Solvay is the global leader in phosphine gas production, bringing innovative technology to the fumigant market for food and other applications. Its innovative technology in stored product protection is recognized and utilized worldwide. Our fumigation gas products provide precisely controlled phosphine concentrations that maximize the protection of sealed storage facilities from harmful insects and pests.

The high-performing family of cylinderized phosphine products includes non-flammable, ready to-use ECO2FUME® fumigant gas and VAPORPH3OS® phosphine fumigant for on-site blending with air.

The significant advantages of our products are:

  • Broad spectrum control, effective against all stages of insects
  • Cost effective
  • Generates no residual waste and therefore requires no disposal
  • Achieves required concentration levels in minutes or hours rather than days

Our fumigants are delivered to the sealed storage space from outside the facility, eliminating the need for worker entry in a confined space and avoiding all contact with the fumigant. Phosphine gas does not harm the ozone layer and does not contribute as greenhouse gas making it an ideal substitute for methyl bromide under the Montreal Protocol.