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Family of products that include low-melting or liquid tetra alkylphosphonium salts. These products are prepared by direct quaternization of a tertiary alkylphosphine with an alkyl chloride, bromide or iodide or in many cases with reactive esters such as alkylsulfonates, sulfates or phosphates. They have high thermal stabilities and are used in a wide variety of applications such as phase transfer catalysts (PTCs), resin curing catalysts, and biocides. The longer chain alkylphosphines are also used to exfoliate clays to render them compatible with polymers and monomers.

CYPHOS® Phosphonium Salts

Product Features Advantages
High thermal stability Large temperature operating window
Three-dimensional structure Increased miscibility with non-polar media
Greater chemical inertness Tolerates harsh process conditions and reagents
Large liquid range Allow greater flexibility of reaction conditions
Ultra-low vapor pressure
Electrochemical stability Large electrochemical window
Inherent polarity Conductive materials
Unique dissolution abilities Facilitates separations