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Phosphine Specialties
A Global Leader in Specialty Phosphines

Solvay has over 55 years of experience in the research and manufacture of phosphine derivatives. As the premier supplier of phosphine chemicals and gases, we help the fumigation, electronics, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other evolving industries meet complex economic, safety and environmental challenges. Our technology platform includes:

  • monoalkylphosphines
  • dialkylphosphines
  • trialkylphosphines
  • phosphonium salts
  • phosphonium ionic liquids
  • phosphonic and phosphinic acids
  • cylinderized phosphine gas

We have the research and scale-up capabilities to produce new products. We work closely with our customers to develop phosphines to solve specific application needs, or to custom manufacture targeted molecules. Our site in Niagara Falls, Canada is a globally integrated research, small scale and industrial scale manufacturing location. We have an extensive history of taking projects from the bench to multi-ton quantities in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. We are the ideal development partner to provide the optimal solution for your specific needs.