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Solvay provides advanced composite and adhesive materials for extreme-demand environments, radical temperature changes, aircraft material expansion and contraction and other external conditions. We combine our 50 years of technology heritage, a comprehensive product portfolio and expertise in design materials and process development to deliver innovative customer solutions that maximize technology capability and simplify manufacturing. As the partner of choice for advanced materials development, we deliver optimal material solutions to address your most challenging needs. Our product portfolio includes:

Our products are available to view through our Selector Guide. This database of products allows customers to search for products on end use application, material type and performance characteristics.

Small Order Service Center

Solvay offers fully-qualified aerospace materials in smaller order sizes and quantities through our Aerospace Materials Small Order Service (SOS) Center.  As the largest supplier of adhesives materials to the commercial aircraft market, our SOS Center brings smaller manufacturers our high-performance materials in sizes to fit their business needs.

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