High Thermal Polyurethane Potting Compounds for Demanding Electrical Applications

With rising energy costs and global issues such as climate change, efficient energy use will remain a major priority for global economies over the next few years. Industrial equipment and consumer appliances manufacturers are incorporating energy efficiency into their product lifecycles and challenging their design engineers to optimize device efficiency with end-product reliability. When choosing a potting formulation, design engineers focus on the ability to withhold stress, dissipate heat and achieve a low outgassing performance, which is giving the rise in polyurethane potting compounds for high reliability and extreme demand electronic applications.

Not originally developed for the electronics industry, high thermal reliable polyurethane (PU) formulations’ use was specific to defense related applications where high reliability is a key requirement.  Over the past twenty years, the importance of high thermal reliability has extended to the electronics industry, with unique PU formulations becoming the answer to resolve some of the industry’s most complex design challenges.

Cytec Formulated Resins are the formulation experts for potting and encapsulation compounds, conformal coatings and adhesives for electronic and electrical applications. Our electrical insulation material and adhesive solutions have successfully performed in military applications for over 50 years. Today, we continue to invest in developing products for military and commercial applications with specific focus on improved safety, environmental compliance and faster processing.

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