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Potting & Encapsulations Compounds

Solvay's CONAP® , CONATHANE® and CONAPOXY® potting and encapsulation compounds are formulated to provide specifically targeted thermal, structural and processing attributes to meet the diverse and demanding design and manufacturing processing needs in electrical insulation. CONAP's targeted formulations can yield different hardness, flow properties and curing profiles to meet specific customer needs.

Solvay offers a complete line of CONAP® epoxy and polyurethane resin systems for encapsulating electrical components. Our technical expertise allows us to custom formulate materials that meet our customers' performance requirements, as well as processing and quality standards. CONAP products are proven to work in demanding applications. We offer the greatest number of polyurethane systems with advance UL RTI electrical ratings and UL 94 flame class ratings, along with multiple products that are approved to IPC specifications. These performances, combined with our history of partnering with customers on application and process development, make Solvay the logical choice as the premier potting/encapsulation solution provider. CONAP and CONATHANE polyurethane potting compounds seamlessly incorporate some of the highest UL 746 pedigrees available in the market today, including:

  • Highest UL RTI recognition (130°C/ 120°C) in polyurethane systems for reliable temperature cycling performance
  • Highest UL certified flame class rating to meet the most stringent fire rating requirements
  • Military specification approved for high reliability performance
  • Formulations designed to withstand stresses from weathering and long-term application fatigue

Solvay's CONAP and CONAPOXY high quality epoxy potting and encapsulation compounds offer protection and electrical insulation for the most stringent and exacting applications. Formulated to deliver outstanding thermal tolerance and mechanical performance, these products have been highly successful in transformers, ignition coils and other high-voltage power management devices via:

  • Superior formulations delivering sought after performance properties including thermal stability, chemical resistance, dielectric properties, mechanical stability and adhesion
  • Processibility in terms of viscosity profiles, easy mixing ratios and process-friendly exothermic properties