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Performance Adhesives

Solvay has introduced an extraordinary family of performance adhesives precisely designed to address the processing and production considerations prevalent in many microporous membrane and bonding relationships.  From addressing osmotic blistering in spiral wound filters, chemical and heat tolerance for back flushing and rheological behavior to achieve bonding reliability, the CONAP® performance adhesives for filtration work in concert with your microporous membrane technologies to allow you to achieve your flux, recovery rate and processibility targets. These performance adhesives offer design and production advantages such as low temperature cure and fast processing cycles, yielding higher production rates and cost efficiencies.

Using our uber-technology in filtration and separation along with a strong working knowledge of current filtration media and techniques, Solvay created its unique fingerprinting approach to construct the optimum bond between your desired operational parameters and end-use applications by delivering solid, secure answers for design issues such as:

  • Osmotic blistering observed along bond line, leading to leaks and bacteria growth
  • Excessively wide glue line that spreads and result in diminished active surface area for filtration thereby affecting flux rate
  • Leakages derived from delaminated bond lines affecting flux rate and recovery rate
  • Erosion of bond line/ potting by highly caustic or acidic conditions
  • Leakages caused by cracks that develop from your potting solutions
  • Rheology limitations of your adhesive / potting that influence the efficiency of your production process.

Our collection of formulated adhesives and sealants enable manufacturers to increase processing cycles and production rates without loss in quality or output. Several products were formulated under NSF and FDA protocols and select systems meet USP Class VI requirements for biomedical usage. Solvay's CONAP adhesives deliver best-in-class penetration performance to enhance the performance of filter elements.