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Conformal Coatings

Solvay offers an extensive portfolio of CONAP® conformal coatings for printed circuit board applications. We continually invest in coating product development with specific focus on improved safety, environmental compliance and faster processing.Our portfolio includes a wide variety of formulations designed for rigorous applications. We offer products qualified across multiple IPC specifications and have the technical expertise to formulate custom materials to meet your specific performance and quality standards. CONAP® conformal coatings deliver one of the highest rated and trusted humidity and electrical insulation thin film barriers for electronics circuit boards. Military specifications and IPC recognition makes CONAP the premier conformal coating for high reliability application. Our conformal coatings offer:

  • Humidity resistance and hydrolytic stability
  • UL 94 V0 fire rating
  • Processing advantage (less cob webbing and fast drying)
  • Excellent adhesion to circuit board substrates